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Saturday, March 06, 2021
About us / Our History

Our History

COUNTY SACCO Society Limited was registered on 13th February 1991 with the ministry of Co-op and Marketing. It is registered office is in KANJA MARKET EMBU EAST DISTRICT. Since its inception, the Sacco has changed its name two times to adapt to the changing administrative and economic changes in its areas of operation. Initially it was registered as RUKURIRI Tea Growers SACCO Society Limited catering for tea farmers. It changed to RUKURIRI SACCO Society Limited so as to cater for its members in EMBU, districts EMBU County and started serving other members including all classes of business people, investors, & savers.

The Society was steered and promoted by the members of tea farmers, mainly consisting of the RUKURIRI Tea factory, Mungania tea members and other farmers in Embu District. The drive to form the society was based on the need to provide tea farmers with the express aim of pooling together their resources to create a strong credit base and use it for on-lending to members at minimal cost.

The promoters and stakeholders had a vision of transforming the Sacco by providing FOSA services and credits to its members at competitive rates.

The County Sacco started with only one branch at EMBU town while reaching out to its members through mobile points. It opened has since grown its branch network to four branches i.e. KANJA H/OFFICE, RUNYENJES, MIANDARI AND KARURUMO BRANCH. County Sacco has grown to be among the leading Sacco’s in the region.

Corporate Governance
The governance structure of County Sacco comprises of 9 members of the central management board and 3 members of the supervisory committee. The board members are drawn from 3 electoral Zones, each represented by 4 members.
The County Sacco has 8 management staff headed by a Chief Executive Officer. Our corporate governance is guided by a code of ethics, strict election procedures including screening of background, management meetings on timely basis, transparent human capital development & strict observance of co-operative act & by-laws.

The County Sacco has opened the common bond to include salaried employees, Sacco staff, business persons & general public as members.

County Sacco has repositioned itself with a focus of attracting new business by targeting Small & Micro Credit Enterprises (SME’s) as well as the existing member base. County Sacco is keen to recruit new members and design tailor made products for the MSE’s as part of its campaign to attract new business. Also, as part of its positioning strategy, County Sacco expects to extend its products range and services to the national level. In line with this, County Sacco now competes on an equal platform with the most accredited commercial banks by having adopted an IT platform that enables services delivery to its clientele through POS's/Bio-metrics, ATM’s and SMS banking.

Our commitment

  1. Quickly attend to all customers’ queries and requests in all our branches.
  2. Quality and consistent services including our mobile pay points round the season.
  3. Efficient, courteous, impartial and friendly service.
  4. Utmost confidentiality and privacy.
  5. Reasonable care to all documents forwarded to us.

Core Values

  1. Transparency and accountability
  2. Effective communication
  3. Professionalism
  4. Teamwork        
  5. Integrity
  6. Innovation

Our Location

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