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Saturday, March 06, 2021
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ICT Department

Achievements in computerization
The millennium years have witnessed quite a big positive shift in as far as information technological growth is concerned.The society’s management has in this perspective, taken this as a major positive challenge and thus ensures modernization of service delivery is embraced.

Business today is not on how huge we build the capital base is, but on how efficiently and effectively one delivers service to her clients.

Some of the society's major projects achieved under IT are as detailed below;

A. Inter-linkage of all our current branches.

  • The society has accomplished laying down of the infrastructure necessary for communication with all the branches.
  • Banking services for the members is no more limited to one’s mother branch.

B. ATM’s services

  • The society has partnered with The Co-op Bank to offer this service through the Sacco Link network.
  • Partnerships have all along been the major force for great achievements. The society saved on infrastructure for ATM services by co-operating with the bank, which had already set up their networks for ATM’s.

C. E-banking services
The society has realigned itself to ensure the opportunities of the emerging technologies are accommodated for the onward value addition to our members.
The same has also been adopted to ensure efficient and effective money transfers and prompt payments to members’ accounts from various employers.

D. POS Services
The society has taken on board these services with the objective reaching out to its members in as many locations as possible. Initially, the society invested so much in procuring a fleet of vehicles for mobile money services to the members in the rural/villages. This has now been replaced by technology; where we partner with merchants at various retail outlets through the Agency Banking Model.

E. Mobile Money Transfer (M-Sacco)
This service has been the latest admiration by our members. They now can transact from their M-Pesa balance in their phones either way i.e. deposit or withdraw into/from their Muramati Sacco accounts. This platform has enabled members far fledged in the villages to transact at the comfort of their homes, thus saving immensely on travel costs.

F. Disaster Recovery Strategy
Information security protects ICT assets & databases from a wide range of threats. In order to ensure business continuity, minimize business downtime, and maximize return on investments and business opportunities, the society has prudently put in place a structured way of handling such eventualities, which is broadly supported by a DRP and BCP policy.

G. ICT Security Audit
In keeping with the international systems operations & standards, the society regularly invites external system audit firms for this exercise. This puts in place ICT planning & review; thereby assisting in corrective actions with the objective of:-

  1. Reviewing and evaluating whether proper & adequate data processing and administrative controls are in place.
  2. Reviewing integrity, reliability and efficiency of the information system and the mapping of processes.
  3. Establish the image of IT as a corporate aid for use in various departmental needs.
  4. Determine utilization of ICT resources and that they are safeguarded from misuse and abuse.

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