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Saturday, March 06, 2021
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Audit Department

County Sacco audit department falls under the administration and at the level; it has a head internal auditor and an assistant internal auditor. At the branch level, the branch manager serves as the audit people linking the administration staffs with the operational staffs.

It is responsible for ensuring compliance with the internal policies and guidelines as modified from time to time. It's also responsible for detection and suppressing cases of fraud and forgery.

The society's audit department function prepares quarterly reports and reports directly to the central management committee through the office of the General Manager. It also prepares adhoc reports to, either the central management, office of the GM or the supervisory committee depending on who initiated the request.

The internal audit of the society enjoys a cordial relationship with the supervisory committee. These two bodies do a similar job of checking excesses and abuses but at different levels. The audit department being constantly on the ground keeps updating the supervisory committee on the various developments in the society through meetings and consultation.

The central management committee of the Sacco being the highest administrative team has empowered the internal audit to act as both its watch-dog and a mirror to enable the organization keep in track.

The marketing department acts as a guide and leads the Sacco’s other departments in developing, and selling the Sacco’s products and services to its Members. The marketing department typically has a better understanding of the market and members’ needs, but it never acts independently when doing product development or Member service.

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