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Saturday, March 06, 2021
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Organizations are driven by many factors and structures for growth and optimum realization of their goals and objectives. Many a times there is a lot of emphasis on factors of production, technological aspects, machinery and tools - forgetting the role played by people. No matter how good, modern or smart, all these other factors are, no matter how good and well documented policies and procedures, the ultimate driving force remains human beings. That is why County Sacco makes deliberate efforts to sustain a high performing and motivated workforce.

County Sacco has over time made a commitment to recruit and retain the best employees to enable it forge a sustained drive towards achieving its mission. The society has a clearly defined administrative structure headed by CEO; ably assisted by the Operations Manager and seven departmental Six – Finance, ICT, Marketing, Credit, Micro-finance & Internal audit.

The society has the following provisions for the HR development;

  1. Recruitments: This is done based on an identified need where positions are openly advertised for, with all encouraged to apply.
  2. Interviews: They are openly conducted and emphasis is put on recruiting only the best for the identified need.
  3. Induction: An induction process is then carried out to ensure new staffs fit into the system as soon as possible for continuity of operations.
  4. Motivation: The society has put in place several features aimed at motivating the team for positive results.
  5. Staff development: There are numerous opportunities for staff to develop either at individual level through flexible work programs, workshops/seminars both internal and externally organized.
  6. Staff Welfare: The society equally has in place various means of sustaining staff through proper maintenance of welfare facilities.
  7. Policies & procedures: The society has ensured various policies and procedures are in place for structured and clearly defined operation regime.
  8. Performance management: Muramati Sacco carries out annual performance & management activities [staff appraisals] for a continuous evaluation of our performance, goals setting and identification of our needs.

County Sacco is an equal opportunities employer.

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